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Clicker games are an interesting video game genre that gained popularity in the last few years. If you love the clicker games genre because of its challenging but addictive gameplay, is a heaven of this game genre for you. Let's enjoy your free time with lots of fight, build, collect, or pilot game titles through a variety of so exciting clicking games here. Just using your finger, you can create your own narrative through a huge number of real-time strategy adventures, explore the wonderful worlds through many simple clicking games, or investigate lots of complex murder cases through so many detective video games. Let's immerse yourself in the world of so interesting clicker games on and enjoy your exciting moments!

About clicker games

As you know, clicker games have become so popular in the last few years because of its simple gameplay and the abilities to mix with the elements of many other game genres such as puzzles, hidden object, RTS, and more. In fact, even though clicker games have appeared so many years before, however, a long time until the year 2013, after the success of Cookie Clicker, clicker games gained the popularity. And until today, this game genre has been very popular (especially on the steam platform) and get adored by the gamers from around the world. When mentioning about clicker game, some people think that this game genre is also known as some other names such as incremental games, idle games, or clicking games, however, there are lots of opinions that incremental or idle games are subgenres of clicker games and they have a bit different from a typical clicker game. Which opinion is the right? Let's read more of this article to get the answer! I will tell about this issue in part: Popular types of clicker games in this article.

Definition of clicker games

Clicker games are a video game genre whose gameplay just only requires the player to perform simple actions such as clicking on the game's screen many times to earn currency, gather items, complete the game's quests, and level up. In addition, there are many games in this genre even don't require the player to click, the game can play itself even when the player is absent. With these games, people usually call them with the name as idle games.

Gameplay of clicker games

The most interesting, unique, and special point of a clicker game is its gameplay. In a clicker game, the player just has to perform a very simple action is clicking on the buttons, items, or anything on the game's screen to enjoy the game, complete the tasks, and earn the rewards of the game (usually is a unit of currency). The player also can use his earned currency to purchase value items or upgrade his abilities which allow him to earn the game's currency faster or automatically.

There are several common themes in this game genre including finding hidden objects, investigating the cases, and managing factories or farms, etc in which managing factories or farms to earn money is one of the most common themes. The game in this theme usually allows the player to create and manage a factory or a farm to earn income then use this earning to upgrade and earn much more currency. In addition, some games provide the player with a reset-based system that allows the player to reset the game's progress and gains another form of currency.

Finding hidden objects or investigating cases are also a common theme in the genre of clicker games. The games in this theme usually allow the player to move around, explore the game world to find hidden items, gather clues, and based on them to solve the mysteries.

Graphics and interface

In addition to gameplay, graphics and interface are also the important elements that make the genre of clicker games become so popular in the last few years. It is easy to understand that this game genre has so simple gameplay so they need to provide beautiful graphics and interface to attract the attention of the players. In fact, the graphics of clicker games is very detailed and suitable with the theme of the game. For example, with the theme of managing the resource to earn money, these games usually provide the player with so beautiful and colorful graphics. In the theme of finding hidden objects or investigating cases, the color of the graphics is usually darker, more detail in order to make sure that they are suitable for the environment and scene of the game. However, no matter what themes are these games in, a general point is that the graphics of these games is very detail, clear, and beautiful.

Popular types of clicker games

There are several common types of clicker games such as Idle games, managing resources games, Hidden object and detective games in which, Idle games is a sub-genre of the clicker games and the rest two types are the mix of clicker game with the core elements of puzzle game genre. And it is quite easy to realize that Idle is a sub-genre of clicker game because when you look at the definition of each genre, you will see that Idle game just is a special type of the clicker.

Idle games

Idle games are a quite common type of clicker games that allow the player to do almost nothing to progress. It can say that the idle game plays itself, the player still gets advanced, rewards, points, etc even when he is absent and offline. Even the gameplay is so simple, this game genre is still adored by lots of people because it provides beautiful visuals and an easy way to earn money.

Managing resources games

These games are so popular in the genre of clicker games with many famous names such as Cookie Clicker, Farming Clicker, and many games tycoon, etc. In these games, the player will have to manage his own resources such as building, factories, farm, park, etc, earn as much money as possible, and consecutively upgrade and expand your business to become the richest person.

Hidden object and detective games

In these game, the main mission of the player is to explore the game world, interact with NPCs and environment to find and gather all the hidden items, collect clues, based on them to solve all the complex puzzles, and finally uncover the mysteries. There are lots of interesting games in this genre such as series games of Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes, True Fear: Forsaken Souls, The Room Two, Hidden Folks, etc.

Clicker games on

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